Features & Benefits

As soon as you start working with Cyber Primed, you will be given the option of working with a specialist Cyber Primed consultant. Your consultant will work through the Cyber Primed Standard with you, helping you to complete a checklist of requirements and in the process, identifying areas of strength, weakness and any immediate risks.

Following your audit, we will provide you with a report and can then help you put a plan and activities in place to support the protection of your business.

Cyber Primed offers bespoke support packages to help you take necessary actions, such as:

  • Help to implement plans, policies and procedures
  • Informing your employees about the techniques used by fraudsters
  • Training on how to avoid error that could lead to serious risk
  • On-going risk monitoring

Cyber Primed augments the use of your electronic security measures and it’s not unlikely that Cyber Primed will also help to provide you with a renewed perspective as to what you should expect from your IT security provider.

People-centric standard

Your people are informed and aware about the risks of cyber crime, as well as the processes that are in place to protect against it, creating an all-round defensive perimeter for your organisation

A uniform standard that applies to all business and NFP sectors/industries

Where your organisation, your partners, your suppliers and your clients hold the Cyber Primed mark, you can be confident that a uniform level of protection is in place.

You will have up to date and aligned plans, policies, procedures and training

Potential risks will be removed, reduced or mitigated because your people will be better informed and engaged.

Your key cyber risk management registers are maintained in real-time and accessible by you whenever you need it.

You can update these key documents 24/7 to ensure that when your organisation or plans change, your cyber risk management adapts at the same pace.

Six-monthly touch points

The frequency of monitoring means you are more likely to identify trends or concerns rather than potentially carrying risk for a year or more at a time.

‘One-voice’ with seamless consultancy through to auditing

Consistency in approach and delivery meaning less time in dealing with different people

Regular communications and information, such as webinars, bulletins and newsletters

Ongoing support means that you never left on your own whilst you are working with Cyber Primed.

The auditing is conducted on a stable user-friendly platform

Time-saving; the platform also partially auto-generates reports, conveniently, quickly and accurately.

Easily track progress and improvement

The database driven Cyber Primed portal enables reference to historic information and audits to reveal trends and monitor improvement.

Our standard and the implications of cyber threats are ceaselessly under review by our team.

The threat of cybercrime never stands still; neither does Cyber Primed. We adapt to changes in the cyber security environment so that you are brought the latest relevant information on threats and preventative measures.

Advance notice of training sessions and other information/seminars

Organisations working with Cyber Primed have the opportunity to develop their knowledge of cyber security and ‘network’ with other businesses

Information and suggestions for best practice through introductory sessions facilitated by Cyber Primed consultants

We provide information about the risks that are out there and the Cyber Primed tools available to mitigate them, for your consideration.

Greater awareness of the dangers and sheer scale of cybercrime.

Cyber primed constantly raises awareness through its seminars, ambassadors, brand awareness, online activity, insurance activity, links with educational/research establishments. We pass that information on to you for your organisation to consider.

Client referral scheme

By recommending your clients and contacts to Cyber Primed, you not only have the peace of mind that they are dealing with the risk of cyber crime, but you could also claim a referral fee through our Referral Scheme.