About Cyber Primed

Every single day, our work with clients from all industries and sectors, exposes significant risks in their information security and the lack of support and guidance available for tackling this threat.

We think of risks to information security as being rather like an iceberg. Not only is most of the threat hidden from view, but it is constantly changing shape.

Your insurers, industry regulators, professional bodies, the UK government, your suppliers and your customers (clients, patients, charges, students, etc) are demanding more from organisations to manage the risks of cybercrime.

The Cyber Primed standard takes its cues from GCHQ’s National Cyber Security Centre’s requirements, as well as those of Cyber Essentials and parts of ISO27001. See here.

Cyber Primed utilises regularly updated intelligence from governments, multinational IT security specialists, regulators, insurers and cyber experts to identify and resolve potential information security risks in your organisation.


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The Cyber Primed process starts and ends with you.

Reviews take place every six months and all information relating to your organisation’s status will be stored on a unique secure portal. You have direct access to the portal so that you can keep track of your risk mitigation activities and update policies and procedures whenever you need to.