Cyber Primed

is an advanced and interlinked set of rules and records; a Standard, that provides you, your clients, customers, staff, suppliers, regulators and insurers with verifiable independent evidence that you have taken steps to protect them and you from cyber attack.

The myth:

Cybercrime is solely about hacks into computer systems and that a keen firewall or password scheme is guaranteed to provide protection.

The reality:

Up to 90% of breaches occur due to staff error, where procedural safeguards have not been maintained.

Up to
due to staff error

The reality:

Only 51% of all businesses have attempted to identify the cyber security risks faced by their organisation.

attempted to identify risk;     49% have not

In other words, even the best electronic counter-measures are merely (and quite literally) less than half of the story. Evidence-based research is unequivocal; protection starts with people leading technology, not the other way around.

Cyber Primed could be your most comprehensive form of defence.